Energy Conservation Tips You May Not Have Known

Most people would love reduce their electric bill. Sadly, most homeowners feel that they cannot cut their power bill without too much work. In reality, one can lower their bill without much effort. Here are three energy conservation tips that you may not have known.

Dishwasher: Most people think that a dishwasher is inefficient. For new models, this is not true. In fact, when using an energy efficient dishwasher, one will use less energy than hand washing. Not only that, with a dishwasher, one will not have to work hard or make a mess of (more…)

FAQ About Conserving Energy In Your Home

You can make a significant impact in the amount of energy in your home without spending a lot of money. Little things do add up over time; changing your habits will help reduce your utility bill. As your bank account grows larger, you can use the savings to purchase energy-saving appliances to save even more. Homeowners and renters can both reduce the energy bill by following these tips:

When anyone leaves a room, ensure the lights and electronic devices are turned off. Computers should be placed (more…)

Top Energy Consuming Items In Your Home

If you’re trying to go green and save money, you might be wondering what the worst appliances in your home are at the moment. It is true that all appliances consume energy, but there are ones that consume more than you might even think. Two of the most energy-laden appliances in the home would be your heating and air conditioning system. Whether you use portable space heaters or have a central system installed, this is where most of your (more…)

Winter: Save on Energy, Heating and Money

The price of energy is climbing and if you live on the East Coast, then you might find yourself dreading the colder seasons. Sure, there might be a couple Energy rates in New York and other places that will give you a decent price, but most of the time, when winter hits, we find ourselves turning up the heat and emptying our wallets. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be this way and there are a few things you can do in your home to help save energy and money during the colder months.

Part of the reason we pay so much in energy bills during the winter is that we find ourselves doing more to keep warm – turning up the heat, taking longer and hotter showers, etc. The reason for this is mostly because heat is escaping from the home and cold air is finding its way in through the windows and doors. Below is a short list of things you can do to conserve both your heat and your energy.

1. Window seal
This can be bought in most hardware stores and seals your window with a thin sheet of plastic to conserve heat.

2. Close curtains
Closing drapes can help keep the hot air in your home and stifle the flow of cold air – especially if your window has a draft.

3. More layers
Most clothing and blankets will help you conserve your body heat.

Doing these things can not only help you conserve heat, they can make the temptation to crank up the heat less appealing.

How To Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

If you really love saving money, lowering your monthly energy bill is one way to do so. And, not only will you be saving money, but making a few simple changes you are going to find huge monthly savings on your energy bill. So, with these small changes you are going to watch your bill shrink, and at the same time, be helping the earth. For the most in savings, you are going to want to go green. You have to purchase only energy star and energy efficient appliances and electronic products for (more…)

Ten Ways To Start Conserving Energy

Some sources of energy – like ethanol that powers the engine of a car – are made from corn. Other biofuels are made from vegetable oil. Other renewables include solar energy, wind energy and energy from rain, trees, the tides at sea; and from the earth itself — as geothermal energy.

Nonrenewable energy comes from sources such as the uranium, completely consumed in the production of nuclear energy; as well as the fossil fuels — coal, petroleum and natural gas — that can not be replaced.

Since energy costs will make up a good (more…)

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

With the economy suffering the way it is, most people are needing ways to save on utility bills. The electric bill seems to be raising when the economy isn’t. Finding ways to cut the electric bill is a must. One way to do so would be to replace your windows. Most older houses have the old wood windows, upgrading them to an energy efficient vinyl window is a huge way to cut the electric bill. Purchasing windows that (more…)

Guide To Energy Conservation In Your Home

Conserving energy in your home also means saving money on your heating costs. When winter approaches and the cold weather starts affecting your wallet, then you want to start taking action around your home to cut back that monthly bill.

There are many options that you can do yourself to lower your bill and keep the cold air out and the warm air in. One major step is to lower your thermostat when you are not (more…)