How To Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

If you really love saving money, lowering your monthly energy bill is one way to do so. And, not only will you be saving money, but making a few simple changes you are going to find huge monthly savings on your energy bill. So, with these small changes you are going to watch your bill shrink, and at the same time, be helping the earth. For the most in savings, you are going to want to go green. You have to purchase only energy star and energy efficient appliances and electronic products for (more…)

Ten Ways To Start Conserving Energy

Some sources of energy – like ethanol that powers the engine of a car – are made from corn. Other biofuels are made from vegetable oil. Other renewables include solar energy, wind energy and energy from rain, trees, the tides at sea; and from the earth itself — as geothermal energy.

Nonrenewable energy comes from sources such as the uranium, completely consumed in the production of nuclear energy; as well as the fossil fuels — coal, petroleum and natural gas — that can not be replaced.

Since energy costs will make up a good (more…)

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

With the economy suffering the way it is, most people are needing ways to save on utility bills. The electric bill seems to be raising when the economy isn’t. Finding ways to cut the electric bill is a must. One way to do so would be to replace your windows. Most older houses have the old wood windows, upgrading them to an energy efficient vinyl window is a huge way to cut the electric bill. Purchasing windows that (more…)

Guide To Energy Conservation In Your Home

Conserving energy in your home also means saving money on your heating costs. When winter approaches and the cold weather starts affecting your wallet, then you want to start taking action around your home to cut back that monthly bill.

There are many options that you can do yourself to lower your bill and keep the cold air out and the warm air in. One major step is to lower your thermostat when you are not (more…)